Cauliflower Artichoke Alfredo with Roasted Pepper Rings

One of the most surprising outcomes of switching to a plant-based diet was that I felt a whole word of culinary adventures open up to me. It was precisely the opposite of how I previously saw vegan diets, which is to say restrictive, concerned with what cannot or should not be eaten. Today when I hear people talking about how restrictive a plant-based diet is, it seems so strange to me until I remind myself that is how I used to think of it too. ...Read More

Vegan Butternut Squash Brownies

Brownies have always been one of my favorite desserts. They deliver the intense chocolate dose that, let's be honest, we all need now and again, except they don't get crunchy and dry like cookies can and they are easier to cart around to picnics and bake sales than a moist chocolate cake. Also, easier to cart around from the oven to my mouth. ...Read More

White Bean Olive Tapenade Crostini

Cooking for people has long been one of my favorite ways of showing affection, especially for people who are too busy to make things themselves or don't know that healthy food can taste indulgent. That surprise, that enjoyment, that "this is vegan?!". I love it. When I know the way to someone's heart, it's fun finding new ways to surprise them. The two ways to my mom's heart are chocolate and olives. Preferably not together. ...Read More

No Bake Chocolate Strawberry Pie

I think Evan and I were in town visiting my parents for less than 24 hours before I received the request/complaint that I hadn't made one of my "healthy chocolate things" yet. So as all good daughters are wont to do, I immediately dedicated myself to the case. ...Read More

Vegan Chai Milkshake

My parents like to joke that the "coffee gene" skipped a generation. All four of my grandparents are/were avid coffee drinkers. My brother and I both adore coffee. My parents however, hate the stuff. My dad can't even handle the smell when I'm home for a visit and make a French press full. (That's the best smell in the world as far as I'm concerned.) ...Read More

Red Summer Sangria

We've been beebopping around the U.S. to visit many of those closest to us before we relocate to Seattle. It's been a non-stop party of enjoying the company of our friends and family, telling stories, catching up and good old fashioned hanging out. ...Read More

Vegan Caesar Salad

Here goes: my ode to Caesar salad. Dear Caesar Salad, Thank you. You are a beloved member of my family and have seen me through thick and thin. You were the one who first inspired me to eat greens when I was a wee one. You helped me stay healthy when I moved across the country to go to school. You were even there on my first date with Evan. ...Read More

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