Vegan Chai Milkshake

My parents like to joke that the "coffee gene" skipped a generation. All four of my grandparents are/were avid coffee drinkers. My brother and I both adore coffee. My parents however, hate the stuff. My dad can't even handle the smell when I'm home for a visit and make a French press full. (That's the best smell in the world as far as I'm concerned.) ...Read More

Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

I may or may not be going overboard on the lemons. I piled so many in my basket at the store today that the check-out cashier got annoyed counting them. I think the total came to 16? Oy. When she asked me if I was making something special with them I didn't have any good excuses cooked up. What can I say, they just spoke to me. ...Read More

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