Traveling as a Vegan

Photo Tour of Japan Japan is an absolutely stunning place. I left a piece of my heart there. It's a fascinating place that combines modernity with traditionalism. Urban efficiency with natural beauty. East meets West. It was not the easiest place to avoid animal products but it was still a lovely place to visit and soak up a very different culture from my own. 

How to be Vegan in Thailand When we arrived in Thailand to find that practically nobody there is vegetarian, we were definitely surprised! Cultural inclinations to include meat and fish in everything aside, Thailand still turned out to be an incredible location to eat a plant-based diet, you just have to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

What I Learned from My Cooking Class in Thailand During the exciting and relaxing 6 weeks we spent in Thailand, one of our top priorities was to take a cooking class. Evan and I spent everyday reveling in the flavorful foods Thailand has to offer and wanted to bring home the knowledge of how to make a few of our favorites.

    What I Learned from My Cooking Class in India Indian food is magical to me. I mean these folks have been making delicious, interesting, rich vegetarian food for centuries and if you're anything like me, attempting to recreate it at home didn't always turn out as hoped. While we were in India I was determined to learn the secrets. 

    6 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick in India As we prepared to go on our adventure to Asia, there were a few things that became apparent, namely that we were bound to get sick. Fine. I didn't want to have expectations otherwise only to be disappointed once the inevitable happened. But! Yes there's a but, we didn't get sick!

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