How to Become a Vegetarian: Resources, Information & Tips

I think it is wonderful that vegetarianism and healthy eating is catching on! Sometimes it's hard to know where to start though. With anything new, there is a certain amount of trial and error, discovery and exploration. Here are just a few resources that might help. Remember that healthy food can be delicious and tasty and that it's not all or nothing. Take time getting to know what you like and dislike. When I made transitions in my diet, I discovered lots of new ingredients I never incorporated into my meals before. It can be a fun time to try new things!

Benefits of Being a Vegetarian
    Not all vegetarians are skinny and healthy, just like not all meat eaters are glutons. But there are so many benefits of being a vegetarian that you’re likely to find more than one that resonates with you. If improving your health, saving money or helping the environment interests you, then you’re in luck.

Vegetarian Statistics
    For those interested in the stats, or if you just need to have a quick defense to rattle off to dubious friends who grill you on your research, check out these 6 vegetarian statistics.

Why People Become Vegetarians
    There are also many different reasons why people become vegetarians. Regardless of how you got here, you now belong to a welcoming and bustling new community - welcome! Even if you only go veg 1 meal a week, I think that’s great!

Types of Vegetarian Diets
    When you first start out, it may be confusing to learn about vegetarianism. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a new term to keep track of. Prevent your mind from turning to mush by learning about all the different types of vegetarian diets. It’ll help you choose which one works best for you.

    Yep, you read that headline correctly. Vegetables are indeed a source of protein, and one that’s too often overlooked in our meat-eating society. Check out these vegetable proteinall-stars to learn more about the colorful powerhouses you should stock up on.

    Nuts sometimes get a bad rap for being high in fat but remember that it’s the good kind of fat. And this is a perfect source of vegetarian protein since you’re not eating fat from animal meat. Learn about the various health benefits of nuts and seeds and how they’re a great way to get a powerful punch of energy anytime you need one!

    Now that you know including nuts into your vegetarian diet is an easy way to get protein, learn how to roast peanuts at home so you'll always have them on hand. They make a really nice snack to munch on by themselves, throw them into a trail mix with raisins and others nuts or even mix into stir fries.

Vegetarian Shopping List
    Learn how to shop healthy and cheaply with this guide to your vegetarian shopping list. There are tips on what to buy, when to buy it and how to keep your grocery bill on budget.

Vegetarianism Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing

For many of us, the things we are drawn to eating are remnants of growing up. Certain foods simply make us feel comfortable. If you’re considering vegetarianism but are a little wary of giving up your old standbys don’t be too strict with yourself.

Try first eating vegetarian once a day, or having one day a week when you give it a whirl. To me, vegetarianism isn’t black and white. You can mold the concepts to fit your personal lifestyle.

Sure, there are some people like my mom who admirably go all out and just up and decide something. So if that works for you, kudos! It personally took me a couple years to find my right balance and it’s still something I play with. Note: After years of eating vegetarian, I have now been following a plant-based diet since late 2012. The journey continues! ;)

Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to be a title; I like to think of it more as eating a vegetarian diet than being a vegetarian per se, but whatever works for you, go for it!

As with any type of new lifestyle or switch in mental focus it simply takes time and exploration. If you’re not pleased with how you’re feeling or the kinds of things you’re eating, be patient.

Being open and willing to experiment a little will go a long way into settling into a new groove that you’re happy with. I hope the links on this page help you learn how to become a vegetarian and that the recipes on this site make your entry into vegetarianism a yummy one!

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