Baked Grapefruit

If you’re looking for a truly easy recipe, try baked grapefruit and it will stop you dead in your tracks. It's simple to prepare but don't underestimate the reward because this makes the already scrumptious fruit taste absolutely heavenly. A close friend of mine passed this little technique on to me and as an indication of how easy it is, she made it in a toaster oven at work!

I love this recipe because it's hydrating, chock full of healthful vitamins and minerals and by baking the grapefruit, it increases the homeyness and flavor. This is the perfect afternoon snack when you start hankering for something sweet. Well kick those candy bars to the curb and treat yourself this little little gem. :)

Baked Grapefruit Recipe


  • Grapefruit, cut in half (as many as you want to make)
  • Honey or brown sugar
  • Cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 350° (Note: this would be the perfect time to use your toaster oven if you have one.)
  2. Once you have your grapefruits cut in half (latitudinally), drizzle with honey or brown sugar then sprinkle some cinnamon on top.
  3. Place directly on oven or toaster oven rack and bake for about 5 minutes.

That’s it! I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a truly easy recipe!

You could make this for all sorts of occasions. It would make a perfect dessert for those watching their waistlines. If you’re used to having fresh fruit for breakfast, this would be a great alternative way to prepare it especially when the weather turns and a cold bowl of fruit on a cold morning starts to sound less and less appealing. And for Mom’s looking to up the amount of fruits and veggies your kids eat, this would make a great after-school snack. (Kids always love the brown sugar/cinnamon combo, in my experience.)

Baked Grapefruit is a great healthy snack or dessert.

We all know fruits and vegetables tend to be the healthiest things we can put in our bodies, but do you know why exactly? Here are 3 reasons this simple little recipe promotes good health!

  • Grapefruits are like little round storehouses for the ever-important Vitamin C. Vitamin C boats many health benefits but to name a few it boosts your immune system, reduced the effect of a cold (perfect to eat come winter), and promotes cardiovascular health.
  • The antioxidant lycopene, found in grapefruits, has been known to reduce cancer cell growth.
  • Cinnamon is another nutritional secret weapon as it stabilizes blood sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties.

So whether you’re sharing your grapefruit with someone special or keeping the whole pink goddess to yourself, try this recipe now because you won’t find anything simpler and yet so deliciously healthy. Enjoy!

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