Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Following any diet has its ups and downs. I’ve personally found it frustrating when I hear about the next best thing in weight loss, only to find out it requires consuming massive amounts of meat or other animal products. Though it may seem a bit trickier, there are ways to modify the most popular diet strategies into a vegetarian weight loss diet.

You might have to be a little creative but I think the effort is totally worth it. Finding a way to stay healthy is always my number one goal and naturally, I want to look my best too but I do want to achieve both while taking my environmental concerns into account.

My parents and I had success following a vegetarian version of the slow carb diet (I lost 25 lbs.!) and it got me thinking that with some tweaks, most popular diets can become vegetarian! So I chose four mainstream diets and collected some recipes and tips for converting them into vegetarian weight loss diets.

Love the food you eat to lose weight

Any weight loss attempt will be more successful if you actually enjoy the food you're eating. The recipes found on these pages will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight because they use spices and combine flavors to accentuate the natural taste of great healthy ingredients.

Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes
    If you’re looking to cut down on the number of processed carbohydrates you eat these low carb vegetarian recipes will work wonderfully for you!

High Protein Vegetarian Diet
    If eating more protein is your goal, say if you’re doing a form of athletic training, check out the recipes for a high protein vegetarian diet. The combination of beans and greens is one of the healthiest pairings you can provide your body.

Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes

Although fat was attacked more in the 90’s than it is now, it’s still wise to be mindful of what types of fat you consume. For some great dishes to try, visit my low fat vegetarian recipes page.

Vegetarian South Beach Diet
    For those of you following the South Beach Diet but find it hard to reach the proper proportions of the 3 macro-nutrients as a vegetarian, these vegetarian South Beach diet recipes will help you out!

    I know it can get really tiring to eat salad after salad when dieting. This Asian chop salad will definitely help you mix things up a bit. It's a fun and different way to eat your greens and the flavors in this baby are outstanding. 

One last tip...

Eating a vegetarian diet and cooking for yourself means you’re already more than half-way there! Making those first steps towards a healthier lifestyle are often times the hardest ones. You deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back right here and now.

There are lots of different ways to approach a vegetarian weight loss diet. Regardless of which one you try, keep in mind that staying healthy is the end goal, not a particular number on the scale. Try not to beat yourself up over the little things. In this instant gratification society I find it a struggle to think long-term sometimes but it’s worth it!

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